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Grading Syllabus (open as read only) requires Word

All grades Grading Syllabus        Translation info

If you would prefer a PDF version email us



January 2022

Training continues each Friday in the Church Hall. We may get the opportunity to start training back at the school after Easter. Watch this space





August 2010

We are looking at options for modifying the training timetable and would like to hear your thoughts. We are considering changing the training time to a hour and a half, or changing the structure in to two sessions so we can best focus our time on the senior grades and older students.

Let us know at training or email us at




May 2010

Preparations for the next grading will start shortly, please make sure that you put the hours in to be successful.


September 2009

Karate is off on Thursday the 3rd of September then back to normal next week.


August 2009

Access problems to the school have seen the sessions suspended for the last few weeks, the caretaker is now back and we are back on as usual. Gary and Louise would like to apologise for the inconvenience and are planning the next grading date.


December Grading (Date to be confirmed)

October 12th 2008


A small number of students attended the NKA Open and entered in to several categories. Congratulations go to Louise who won the Senior Female Kumite and the Junior Kata team who came third in their section beating several teams of blackbelts. Gary entered the Senior men's kumite and although was in the final was just out pointed and came second.




























July 19th - August 20th training cancelled due to work being carried out at the school.


March 2008

Grading Date Sunday 30th March 4 - 6pm.

February 2008

 Congratulations to all those who attended the recent Northern Martial Arts open competition on Feb 10th. You all did extremely well!!!!! See the photos. Seniors did very well in the kumite winning trophies in both senior categories. Jonathan crowned NKA Senior individual male champion and Louise achieving third place. The three of us teamed up and got second place just out pointed in the final. The juniors did extremely well too with them winning trophies for both kumite and kata.

Where's Louise????? Oh she's making us laugh!!!!! HEHEHE


Left to Right, Instructor Gary, Jonothan and Instructor Louise with trophies. Jonothan 1st Senior Male Kumite, Louise 3rd Senior Womens Kumite and all with the  2nd in Senior Team Kumite


January 2007

Fees increase

October 2006

January 2006


18th December 2005


23rd October 2005


Grading work starting soon!

September 25th 2005

For the first grading you will be working on a simple range of Kihon (basics) which will include:

Your instructors will tell you if you will be grading in the training sessions leading up to the date.

*Note* Continuous training is a requirement of being entered for your grading.




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