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Shotokan Kata or forms are used to help co-ordination and involve pre-set techniques put together in a "supposed" simulated fighting situation and you will see katas demonstrated with multiple attackers being defended against using the pre-set moves.

Kihon kata is the first grading kata at NEKK

The 26 Shotokan Kata

Shotokan karate is said to include 26 Kata or Forms. These are made up of the 15 MAJOR KATA and 11 other.

The 15 Major Kata:

1.   Heian Shodan   : First Level

2.   Heian Nidan     : Second Level

3.   Heian Sandan    : Third Level

4.   Heian Yondan    : Fourth Level

5.   Heian Godan     : Fifth Level

6.   Tekki Shodan    : Iron Horse First Level

7.   Tekki Nidan      : Iron Horse Second Level

8.   Tekki Sandan    : Iron Horse Third Level

9.   Bassai Dai        : To Storm a Fortress

10.  Jion               : After the Temple Jion--Universal love

11.  Enpi               : The Flight of the Swallow

12.  Jitte             : Ten Hands

13.  Hangetsu         : Half Moon  (As in half moon stance)

14.  Kanku Dai         : A view to the sky

15.  Gankaku           : Crane on a Rock

The Rest of the 26 Kata

16.  Nijushiho       : 24 steps

17.  Jiin             : Said to be named after a Budhist temple Jion JI

18.  Bassai Sho      :To Penetrate a Fortress

19.  Kanku Sho       : A view to the sky minor

20.  Chinte           : Incredible hands

21.  Wankan          : To Crown a King

22.  Sochin           : So named because of the main stance used, sochin dachi

23.  Meikyo/ Rohai    : Polished Mirror

24.  Gojushiho Sho   : 54 Steps minor

25.  Gojushiho Dai   : 54 Steps major

26.  Unsu             : Hands like Clouds

27.  Kihon             :Basic kata

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