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December 2022

The grading for the little ones will be the 15th of December

September 22

Training has returned to Richard Avenue Primary School

January 22

Grading to take place before half term.

October 21 - Big News

We have located an indoor venue to train in until we can get back into the school. The new venue is St. Gabrial's Church Hall, St. Grabrials Avenue (on the corner of Kayle Road and Chester Road.

3 x sessions: (Blackbelts all sessions)

5 until 5.45 Reception to Primary School ages

5.45 until 6.30 Older children and adults

6.30 until 7,15 seniors and adults.

March 2021

 Indoor access to outside clubs so at present we will continue to train outdoors. Covid rules apply.

November 2020

A new 4 week lock down announced so training is cancelled until further notice.

October 2020

Our first outdoor black belt grading took place this month. Congratulations to the New 2nd Dan grades and 1st Dan.

August 2020

Training is back on (still outside) at Richard Avenue.

July 2020

Outdoor training continues again this month.

June 2020

Outside training for Brown and Black belts starting soon (Max 6 at a time). 

March 2020

Covid restrictions are in place and updates will be posted when available.


We will celebrate our 10th anniversary at Richard Avenue this year and we will be looking at doing something to mark it. Any suggestions let us know.

December 2014

Grading held on the 14th of December and saw some of our long term students achieving their 1st Kyu's and Victoria achieving her black belt. Everyone did really well and congratulations to all who passed.

October 2013 

Grading to be held on Sunday November the 3rd.

December 2012

This month saw the last grading of the year with Sarah Barber achieving her black belt. Sarah was one of the very first members of our Richard Avenue club and has been training with us for over seven years. It was also good news for all those grading who all passed after weeks of intense preparation. This was the first grading this year where all members achieved their next belt which reinforces their commitment. Congratulations to all.

November 2012

November saw the culmination of months of intensive training and years practice for Sensei Gary who decided it was time to attempt his next Dan grade (only 8 years late). He had the support of his wife Sensei Louise and two well known senior instructors who he regularly trains with (Sensei George Coates 7th Dan and Sensei Dave Jenkinson 5th Dan). We are happy to announce that he achieved his 3rd Dan!

Sensei Gary sends thanks to all fellow karateka and instructors who supported him during his preparations. 

July 2012

Sensei Gary and Sensei Louise would like to thank our students for cards and presents for their wedding.


December 26th 2011

The year has finished on a high with a number of students achieving their next grades and a couple of the higher grades to take theirs early in the new year. One of our first Richard Avenue students will attempt her black belt this year so we wish her luck.

August 17th 2010

New Beginners courses are running over the next few weeks and new members are very welcome. Come give it a go both juniors and seniors, never been a better time to start training with your children and developing a healthy lifestyle. Give us a ring for more details or turn up on Thursday 6 till 8pm. Throughout August and 1st Thursday in September at the United Reform Church, Grindon, September 10 back to Richard Avenue Primary School.

Training resumes 21st

Training is to resume 21st of August and training to start for both the October competition and the next grading.

Sad News
Daniel Loses his Battle with Cancer July 4th
Daniel Squires, the inspiration behind the Kick Cancer events has lost his battle with cancer today one week before his 17th birthday.

KICK CANCER February 24th 2008

Raise money and support cancer related charities.

Jarrow Community Association
Cambian Street
For details: e-mail

Sunday 24th February £5 to train, £5 to spectate.

February 10th 2008

Northern Karate Association Open Competition.

North East Karate Kai win a number of Senior and Junior trophies.

see photos

A team of 15 of us went up to this years open competition held at Jarrow Community centre. There were hundreds of competitors on the day from all ages and grades.

We had various students and instructors at the competition entering both kata and kumite events, both individual and teams. All competitors done extremely well with a number of trophies being brought back to the club. We started off with some of the juniors winning trophies for Kata.

Richard started the day with a second place followed by Peter and Marcia getting forth places in their sections. Sarah B did extremely well but was 1 point away from a trophy.

The junior team kata went very well with Sarah B and Sarah R missing a team member having to rely  on a youngster who did not know their chosen kata.

We only had one entry in the senior kata with Louise performing excellently to be beaten by 1 point for a trophy.

Gary, Louise and Jono entered the team kata and performed very well to loud applause and a nod of approval by one of the judges, we don't think the other scoring judge liked it as much as we missed out on the trophies.

The junior kumite was hard fought with all putting up a good show, Eden winning a number of her rounds to finish 3rd in her category. James, Parsa, Marcia and Peter all did extremely well for their first outside competition, we are extremely proud of all of our students.

The senior kumite saw us win various trophies, Louise fought in the senior ladies kumite and won third place. Gary and Jono were in the senior male category both winning a number of their rounds, with Gary just missing out on 4th place. Jono continued through the final round to get in to the final. He was up against an experienced 5th Dan fighter and after a tough fought fight came out Senior male champion of 2008.

The final event of the day was the Senior team Kumite, Gary, Louise and Jono teamed up to take on the best of the other teams. After hard fought fights in the final received second place trophies.

Congratulations to all those who attended the competition!!   

April 2007


Kick Cancer Charity Event Saturday 14th April 1 - 5pm

Top North East Instructors will be teaching various disciplines in aid of local boy Daniel Squires who is suffering from cancer has had one leg amputated and is in need of a prosthetic limb costing £20,000.
The fee to train is only £5 or £2 to spectate.
A couple of teaching slots are still available. If you are an Instructor and would like to volunteer for one of the remaining slots please contact Steve on the address below and/or bring along your students.

Jarrow Community Association
Cambian Street
For details: e-mail

4th June 2006

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18th December 2005

Grading News

  • 1st Grading of the Richard Avenue Club was a great success! The grading was the first for most of the students and there were some nervous karateka. The session started with the usual formalities and a basic training session showing the spectators some of the work the students had being doing recently. One of the highlights being Emma B (aged 7) who demonstrated a wrist lock and take down before kicking Sensei Glover in the head :-)!

  • This was followed by the formal grading with the lads getting up first to complete their first set of basics and Kihon kata. They worked really hard and impressed the examiners with their determination. The lads were followed by the girls who were equally as good and showed confidence. They too did their first set of basics and kata.

  • After the girls had finished the full group got up to do more club basics and group kata. This was followed by Shiei Kumite with most students only doing this for the first time today (some good fighters of the future were on display)

  • This was followed by the only non-white belt doing his basic and a range of kata. He started off nervously as it was the first time he had graded alone but he ended up pulling off a solid grading.

  • The competition fighting as followed by some Juyi Kumite where the students fought non-stop for several minutes then swapped partners several times. This is used to increase stamina and nerve! Only a few minor injuries today but some determined fighters on view.

  • A trial introduction to the grading syllabus was back to back fighting  was a success with all students having a good go at trying to get their partners to submit.

  • Finally all students had to get a partner and have a three minute continuous fighting session which nearly saw off 'Big Paul'.

The result: The first grading of the Richard Avenue club was a massive success with a 100% success rate. Lets hope it continues at this standard in the future!

October 25th 2005

  • Instructor profiles updated

October 23rd 2005

  • We are considering changes to our fitness session. See members area.

September 25th.

  • Training is back under way and work will start on the grading shortly.

Sept 05

  • We would like to welcome back all our students after our unforeseen summer break. We look forward to training with you again and hope you all enjoyed your hols'.

  • We would also like to welcome all of our new members and hope you enjoy training with us!

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or telephone 07930 956 949

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